Rimfynn – Superior Alloy Wheel protection - The alloy protector that goes the extra mile.

The ULTIMATE alloy wheel protection system

- Enhances and protects your alloy wheels 
- Bonds to wheel with NO TYRE WALL INTRUSION
- Improves the look of already damaged wheels
- Quick and easy to fit (less than 30 minutes!)
- Designed & developed in the UK
- Patented ‘Clip & Rail’ technology
- Tough and durable construction
- Fully tested by Millbrook
- Patented in all major countries

Rimfynns Alloy Wheel Protectors are the lead invention from product development specialist, Proud Products Ltd.

Illustration of the Rimfynns alloy wheel protector


Rimfynns Alloy Wheel Protectors were designed and developed in the UK by head designer Leo Fynn who, after repeatedly damaging alloy wheels whilst parking in tight spaces, decided to do something about it!

I have had Rimfynns fitted to my Driving School Vehicle ....... read more ....... After a bus fender collided with my front bumper ....... read more ....... Rimfynn Alloy wheel protector has made my life a little less stressful....... read more .......
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